Bali Blue was a limited edition vegan vanilla flavour.  The blue Spirulina added colour, it didn't have extra nutritional benefit and therefore we have decided, not to re-launch Bali Blue wholefood nutrition in the future.  Our vegan vanilla product is almost identical in taste - just not blue! But now it can be......

We know a lot of you love and miss 'the blue', so how could we not include Blue Spirulina as part of our NEW hot drinks range Super Lattes?
It works great as a hot drink & caffeine alternative of course - but one of the best things about it is that you can also add 2 teaspoons of Blue Spirulina Super Latte to our regular vanilla Purition wholefood nutrition blends to make a colourful smoothie, or smoothie bowl! It's delicately sweetened with natural vanilla flavour and organic coconut blossom sugar.

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