We’ve tried our competitors’ products and taken a deep dive into the quality of their ingredients to bring you a complete review & comparison of the best meal replacement shakes in the UK in 2021.

Nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes are a tempting concept. Time is precious and we’re all looking for meals that are quick, healthy, tasty and don’t break the bank or harm the planet; as well as simple, healthy and effective ways to lose weight.

Soylent, based in America (est. 2013), was the original ‘nutritionally complete’ meal replacement shake. This idea was quickly copied by Huel in the UK (2014) and later Feed in France, JimmyJoy in the Netherlands and Y-Food in Germany. Each of their products promise to meet all of your nutritional needs and aid weight loss, whilst saving you time and money.

It all sounds good on paper, but are complete meal replacement shakes actually bonafide healthy? Are they really a more optimal way to get the nutrition you need? Plus, how do they compare to Purition (that’s us), who champion a more natural, real food approach to meal replacement shakes? Here’s our review of the best meal replacement shakes in the UK in 2021.

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