If you would like to start a weight-loss journey on your own (without medical supervision) and think that a very low-calorie diet may be suitable for you, then the answer is no.

But if you have been specifically prescribed a VLCD by a medical professional, you may be able to use Purition.

What is a very low calorie diet?

A VLCD is a clinically supervised diet that usually involves replacing normal food with meal replacement products. It involves eating approximately 800-900kcal per day, usually for a short period of time and a maximum of 12 weeks.

A VLCD must always be prescribed by and closely monitored by health professionals and is only recommended for specific cases. It should not be routinely used without medical supervision and is not suitable for most people.

Of course, VLCD with or without complete meal replacement therapy exists for good medical reasons, so if you have been specifically prescribed a VLCD by a medical professional, you may be able to use Purition. Before you do so, please discuss your individual dietary needs with your healthcare professional as they will have access to your full medical record and can tailor your diet to ensure that your nutrition is not compromised whilst on a VLC diet.


How can I lose weight without a very low calorie diet?

Losing weight is a gradual process and should not be rushed. To achieve a healthy weight that can be maintained in the long run, it's best to make positive, small changes to your diet that you will be happy to live with for the rest of your life. 

We'd like you to enjoy food and not feel deprived. By using Purition once or twice a day, you can achieve safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss of 1-2lbs (0.5-1kg) per week, without severely restricting your calorie intake.

We don’t recommend losing more than 1-2lbs per week, as it would be extremely restrictive and hard to maintain in the long run. Most importantly, restricting your calorie intake in such an extreme way could potentially leave you malnourished with a compromised immune system.


Is Purition a total meal replacement?

Purition is not a ‘total meal replacement’ to be used exclusively for a VLCD. Instead, it is real food that can be enjoyed as an addition to a healthy, balanced diet – and not as a replacement for it.

We suggest you have Purition once a day (or twice on days that you find you are very busy) to replace a less healthy or more calorific meal. For the other one or two meals, aim for healthy, balanced meals.

As Purition only contains real, whole food ingredients, it doesn't contain the perfect balance of all nutrients. This means Purition on its own will not provide all the necessary nutrients you need for optimal health and that you should not use Purition as your only food source.

Article written by Barbara Usak - ANutr (Registered Associate Nutritionist)