We often get asked if Purition can be used for various Low-Calorie diets to help those who have been advised by their GP to follow an 800 calorie a day, 8 week diet.

You can use Purition to help you with that - but it can be difficult, almost impossible, to sustain eating just 800 calories a day for a few days let alone 8 weeks as suggested.

When using Purition for weight-loss, you do not need to focus on calories we have helped many people put T2 Diabetes into remission. Your diagnosis of pre-diabetes can be reversed by changing your diet.

You need to think about Pre-Diabetes as basically a carbohydrate intolerance, forget counting calories please. Living on 800 calories for 8 weeks is basically impossible, and when you stop you will put the weight back on and the diagnosis of pre-diabetes will come back, sadly.
If you forget the calories and focus on managing a carbohydrate (sugar and starch) intolerance for 8 weeks you will learn more habits that are more sustainable.
You can still use Purition twice a day with nut milk, your calories will be higher than 800 but I promise you your results will be MUCH better and faster. Your evening meal can also be bigger and by focusing on a real food diet, reducing sugar and starch (starch is sugar found in grains and vegetables that grow below ground).
This method is much better than starving yourself on 800 calories per day because it is sustainable.
We are here to help you, please contact us if you need further advice or information. Our email address is hello@purition.co.uk and our number is 01743 444397.