To be honest we don’t think that mixing Purition with water is the best way to make or to enjoy your Purition shake. If you mix with water, it just tastes, a bit… watery. The natural ingredients contained in our blends work far better with milk or your favourite milk alternative – unsweetened nut milk tastes delicious with Purition, as it provides a natural creaminess without the need for unnecessary milk powders or creamers.

That said, you can blend Purition with water instead of milk. Remember there will be less nutritional calories, so up your Purition serving to 50g and use slightly less water, max 200ml and maybe add some frozen berries to make more of a smoothie?

Using water and a high powered blender is fine.  If you don’t use a high powdered (600w) nutri-bullet type blender Purition would end up just being ‘watery’ as the ‘real food’ ingredients don’t dissolve like ultra refined ingredients and gums etc… Using a high powered blender helps to make Purition into its own nut milk.

If it’s a cold day try; a splash of hot boiled water to make an instant porridge mix.