Whilst we have challenged ourselves to find an even more responsible, planet-friendly solution, we can’t settle for anything that impairs or undermines the unrivalled quality and integrity of our all-important ingredients. At this moment in time on the topic of ‘recyclable packaging,’ there is a complete dearth of credible, off-the-shelf options, especially when you dismiss all the options currently available (glass, metal, cardboard tubes… ) that simply swap out landfill issues for greater carbon emissions. We simply can’t adopt an alternative solution that results in the importing of fresh air, creates extra storage headaches or compromises our recipes, by either allowing an unwelcome combination of air, light and moisture to sneak into our packs OR essential oils to escape. This is subject that we could literally write reams about, so it is probably best that we provide you with the shorter answer here, but provide you with a link to our more extensive piece about minimal packaging.

The Short Answer: Our current pouches cannot be recycled, so need to be popped into the black bin once you’ve finished with it. Our current packaging isn’t recyclable because it is made of three layers of different plastics laminated tightly together, which cannot easily be separated for recycling purposes.