The short answer is OF COURSE! The very fact that Purition is made with natural, wholefood ingredients (seeds & nuts) and a little whey protein, means there’s absolutely no reason why our shakes can’t be used for breakfast or as a snack during pregnancy. We actually think Purition is a perfect way to ensure your own body is fuelled with essential nutrients, whilst you focus your thoughts on the numerous needs of your newborn. The easy, straightforward nature of Purition, (a quick whizz in a blender) means it’s ideally suited to any exhausted parent who simply can’t face the prospect of spending too much of their precious ‘me-time’ in the kitchen cooking a meal. A Purition shake can be effortlessly assembled in 30 seconds with one hand, so isn’t going to eat into your hard-earned recovery time.

Purition certainly isn’t about keeping calories in check during these life adjusting times but is a balanced and practical way to get your day off to the best possible start.