Yes, you can absolutely have Purition if you have type 2 Diabetes. Diabetics (both type 1 and 2) are advised to follow a healthy, balanced diet just like anyone else, whilst of course, following their tailored medical advice to manage the condition.

Purition is the perfect addition to a healthy diet as it is a nutritious, meaningful small meal (it makes a great breakfast or lunch) made with whole food ingredients, it's naturally very low in sugar and will not cause blood sugar levels to spike after consumption.

Purition is also a fantastic source of protein, fibre, and healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. These will keep you fuller for longer and will help with sustained energy release.

According to our own tests and customer feedback, people with type 2 diabetes get on well with Purition by blending it with milk, or any unsweetened dairy-free alternatives, as it has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels.

That being said, everyone is different so it is best to test out some of our sample sachets of Purition yourself using your own blood glucose monitor to see how it works for you.

For more information on the ingredients and nutrition facts of each of the Purition flavours, please click here.

As with any diagnosed medical condition, and if you are on any medication (such as taking metformin or on insulin therapy), please consult your health professional or dietitian for further advice before making any changes to your diet or embarking on a weight-loss journey.

Article written by Barbara Usak - ANutr (Registered Associate Nutritionist)

Try some samples:

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