Clearly we can only talk in very top-line suggestions without knowing a person’s individual predicament, but the short answer is yes! Breakfast: Purition makes a great breakfast if you’re looking for something that’s quick, nutritious and low in starch, sugar and carbs. Start with a 40g serving blended with 200ml of your favourite milk/milk alternative. If this doesn’t keep you sufficiently satisfied until lunch, you could consider progressing to a 50g serving as the key priority is to get to lunch without snacking or feeling too hungry.

Starting Out: By having a Purition shake once a day, for the first week; your body can quickly acclimatise to our high-fibre recipes. As long as a Purition breakfast is followed by a light protein + salad lunch, (although some people opt to adopt Purition for two meals a day - breakfast & lunch Monday to Friday) PLUS a well-balanced evening meal, consisting of plenty of veg (minimum of two fist-size portions) and a palm-sized piece of protein; you have the basic blueprint for a diet, that will not only support your healthy, short-term weight loss goals but your longer-term, healthier eating habits and ambitions. Please also remember to drink plenty of water, which will not only keep you hydrated but help curb unwanted hunger pangs.