Many, many people use Purition for weight-loss every day by replacing one, or two, less nutritious meals with Purition, often solving the problem of what to have for breakfast or lunch. This change alone can have a significant impact.

But we understand that some people want a little more guidance, so this 'How to use Purition for weight-loss' article is for you. Grab yourself a cuppa, a coffee or a glass of water and learn how to achieve great nutrition, unlock your optimal health and lose weight with Purition.

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An Alternative to Meal Replacements We developed Purition to make our own healthy eating and weight loss goals easier, because we learnt that the food choices we make have the biggest impact on our long-term health and weight. If you want to save time, like us, without compromising health, Purition could be for you.

90 Day Plan It’s not a diet. It’s a supported plan to improve nutrition over the next 90 days using Purition once a day during the week. We will help you transform your diet with more healthy wholefood fats, more protein, more fibre and more vitamins and minerals. Which means less processed foods, less starch and less sugar.