Purition is not a protein shake or a processed meal replacement but a whole food meal alternative that is made using only real food ingredients and nothing artificial at all.

Eating real foods in their most natural, unprocessed and minimally processed forms is the best way to nourish the body:

Purition is a base recipe of approximately 70% seeds and nuts (Almonds, Golden Linseed, Sunflower Kernels, Coconut, Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds), some additional protein (either whey our our proprietary vegan blend of pea, hemp, pumpkin & sunflower proteins), the smallest amount of natural sweetener (Stevia). a little fibre and only natural food ingredients to flavour gently. 

There is no added salt or sugar in Purition and we never add any additives, refined ingredients, preservatives, artificial colours, flavourings or emulsifiers. 

Purition is also gluten free but is not strictly 100% Paleo, so some purists who follow a 100% Paleo diet may not find it suitable (the nuts and seeds are ground and chopped, the Original range contains whey and the Vegan range contains some pea protein) but it still suitable for most of those who wish to follow The Paleo Diet: 

This is because according to 'The Paleo Diet' website , the diet allows the '85/15 principle’ -which means that 85% of your foods should come from Paleo foods and it is allowed that 15% of the foods consumed are from non-Paleo foods.

In essence, for those who are following The Paleo Diet, it is sustainable and possible to do so with an 85% percent compliance and Purition will fit comfortably into such a diet.

A 40g serving of Vegan Purition contains 8g of Pea Protein, this is 20% of the total ingredients.

A 40g serving of Original Purition contains 11.2g of Whey Protein Isolate, this is 28% of the total ingredients.

However, once you add 200ml (which is approximately 200g) of your favourite Paleo-friendly milk alternative, the % of the non-Paleo ingredients will be lower than 15%, - so you can enjoy Purition if you follow The Paleo Diet.


A detailed breakdown of ingredients and nutritional data for each flavour can be found here.

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For more information, also see our Paleo page: https://www.purition.co.uk/paleo/