As a business doing business better, we have to ensure that our repeat customers have the absolute confidence in knowing they are buying at the very lowest prices each and every time they order. 

This is why we do not offer discounts or referral codes even though there is a box on our website for one.

The more you buy the cheaper it becomes. The best price, save 27%, is achieved when you order 3 x 500g bags (36 servings) or 30 individual serving sachets.  We do not want customers to buy more than 3 or 4 bags - or more than they can use in 4-6 weeks because as a business interested in your health, we only want you to buy fresh product when it is most nutritious.

Any codes that you see on coupon codes websites or referral websites are fake. These companies advertise our standard discounts and publish fake codes as click bait. The more visitors they get on their site the more they get paid by advertisers like Google.

The good news is you do not need to worry about paying too much for Purition as the price on our website is always the lowest price.