We don't work with artificial flavourings, which means our flavours are real, but more subtle than others. For example, our strawberry option contains 8% freeze-dried strawberries, so is unquestionably strawberry - whereas most 'strawberry flavoured' things don't contain any real strawberries at all.

Sometimes the milk you use can mask the flavour? We’ve got a great blog about the best nut milks to blend with Purition.

The food industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to promoting good health, ultra-sweet and processed foods jam-packed with synthetic flavourings are only designed to taste nice not promote good health. Purition is all about honest, ‘real’ ingredients and helping you make a meaningful and sustainable dietary change.

Give Purition another go, either for breakfast or whatever meal fits in best with your day. By the time you’ve done this 4-5 times, you’ll really appreciate the natural flavour and goodness going in.

If it's just not for you please email us hello@purition.co.uk or give us a quick call on: 01743 444397