Typical Ingredients of Purition 

All Purition are Vegetarian (we also have a dedicated Vegan range) gluten free and suitable for any life-stages including youth, adult, senior, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetics etc... subject to allergy requirements.

Healthy fats from seeds and nuts

All Purition blends are made with our proprietary whole food blend (around 70% of the total ingredients) which contains: whole ground Golden linseed, Sunflower kernels, Almonds, Coconut and Pumpkin seeds with whole Chia seeds and Sesame seeds.


Original: Whey protein isolate from British milk or
Vegan: Proprietary protein blend - European pea, pumpkin, sunflower & hemp protein and Nutritional yeast which contains all nine essential amino acids.

Natural flavour

Next we add a natural flavour ingredient like freeze dried strawberries, cocoa, whole ground vanilla pods, pistachios and ground spices etc.. and in some blends a small addition of some natural flavouring which are plant based and never artificial - to enhance.


Then we add a little extra soluble and insoluble fibre because we can and it’s good for us, we use a little Psyllium husk to help clear out bad gut bacteria and Apple pectin a soluble fibre to promote good bacteria.

Natural sweetness to balance 

Finally we balance these flavours with the smallest amount of Stevia - a natural plant based sweetener - but be aware! Purition is not sweet and you may want to add a little extra sweetness of your own.


A detailed breakdown of ingredients and nutritional data for each flavour can be found here.


Typical Nutrition of Purition without milk:

(Add 10-50 calories for most nut milks, 100 calories for 200ml of semi-skimmed and 150 calories for whole milk)


Try some samples: