Typical Ingredients of Purition


Healthy fats:
All Purition blends are made with our proprietary whole food blend (around 70% of the total ingredients) which contains: whole ground Golden linseed, Sunflower kernels, Almonds, Coconut and Pumpkin seeds with whole Chia seeds and Sesame seeds.

Original: Whey protein isolate from British milk or Vegan: Proprietary protein blend - European pea, pumpkin, sunflower & hemp protein and Nutritional yeast which contains all nine essential amino acids.

Natural flavour:
Next we add a natural flavour ingredient like Freeze dried strawberries, Cocoa, Whole ground vanilla pods, Pistachios and Spices etc.. Never artificial flavourings.

Then we add a little extra soluble and insoluble fibre because we can and it’s good for us, we use a little Psyllium husk and Apple pectin.

Natural sweetness to balance:
Finally we balance these flavours with the smallest amount of Stevia a natural plant based sweetener but be aware Purition is not sweet and you may want to add a little extra sweetness.

A detailed breakdown of ingredients and nutritional data for each flavour can be found here.


Typical Nutrition of Purition