If there’s a single throwaway phrase that really makes us angry it must be ‘nutritionally complete,’ which is nothing more than a nonsensical, ultra-processed soundbite, a bit like the food it champions. Nutritionally Complete suggests not only healthy but somehow better than ‘real’ food, something that can fulfil all your daily nutritional needs, which is clearly madness.

In contrast, even though Purition positions itself as a vocal supporter of ‘naturally nutritious’ ‘real’ food, we wouldn’t claim for a moment that we’re a one-stop-shop for all your body fuel needs. Of course, people are naturally curious, so will always be exploring new ways to re-evaluate their daily intakes, whilst finding new increasingly efficient ways to fuel their bodies in ways that do less harm to animals or the wider planet. Whilst no-one knows what could be discovered in years come, we know for sure that any solution will revolve around whole food ingredients nurtured by nature and not some high-tech, science lab.