We simply couldn’t label Purition a meal replacement for the simple reason that it’s only made from ‘real’ food.

Purition is a meal alternative in much the same way you might choose to have scrambled eggs on toast one day for breakfast and a bowl of cereal the next.

Purition is simply a way to replace one perfectly balanced meal with another.

The term ‘meal replacement’ was a term coined by a concerned government to ensure that this new generation of synthetic non-foods had to abide by a number of light, cursory guidelines, (minimum numbers of calories, vitamins and minerals) to give the public some rudimentary assurances that these new products were not dangerous.

Meal replacements are highly refined industrial concoctions of chemically synthesised supplements, (non-food products: the overworked powdered derivatives of real food or dubious non-foods like gums, flavourings, thickeners, synthetic vitamins and minerals) the calorie-devoid antithesis of real food.

We believe that ‘real’ food (in Purition's case: seeds, nuts…) is the only way forward to meet all your daily nutritional needs, the essential foundations of a well-balanced, healthy diet.

(Of course, there are some 'total meal replacement' shakes and soups out there that are essential in certain medical cases, but their use should only be under medical supervision, for a short period and exclusively for specific therapeutic reasons.)

Purition isn’t a supplement tasked with replacing ‘real’ food but a ‘real’ food tasked with replacing pointless, potentially misleading supplements.


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