In the UK, it is mandatory that food nutrition labels must display the below information:

  • the amount of energy (expressed both as kcal and kJ)
  • fat
  • -of which saturates
  • carbohydrate*
  • -of which sugars
  • protein and
  • salt

This mandatory information must be in this particular order and all macronutrients and salt amounts expressed in grams present in 100g (or 100ml) of the food.

*The 'Carbohydrate' content on food labels refers to the total carbohydrates and includes starches and sugars. (Fibre is excluded.)

On a voluntary basis, in the UK, companies can also supplement the mandatory nutrition declaration with information on the amounts (in grams (g)) of one or more of the following:

  • monounsaturates
  • polyunsaturates
  • polyols
  • starch
  • fibre
  • any of the vitamins or minerals

    (listed in point 1 of Part A of Annex XIII, and present in significant amounts as defined in point 2 of Part A of Annex XIII.) 

To provide as much valuable information as possible, at Purition we provide the not only the mandatory nutrition information but also all applicable voluntary nutrition information, such as mono- and polyunsaturates, plus fibre and Vitamins and Minerals. Purition naturally does not contain any polyols (sugar alcohol).

A detailed breakdown of ingredients and nutritional data for each flavour can be found here.

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